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Over the years we have built multiple projects for clients. Here is a list of some of them.
Below you can find showcases for a few projects that we implemented. 

Project: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 
built on Entuito


TPP Maritza East 2 EAD is the biggest renovated thermal power plant in Bulgaria with over 3000 employees.

We have planned, developed and integrated an ERP system that encompasses the whole process throughout ordering, supply, delivery and installation of the spare parts needed for the operation of the power plant. Every order goes through 7 levels of confirmation and validation. For every order and delivery there is a special storage procedure for the documents that go with it. 

Through the use of detailed variety of reports the client can follow through on the actual cost and expenses of different departments, the whole cycle and all its parts.

Over 300 employees are using our system to manage their whole process on a daily basis. All of them were trained personally by us through a one week long workshop. 

Project: Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) 
built on Entuito

STOMANA INDUSTRY SA is a leading steel manufacturer in Bulgaria. The company has been present in the Balkan and international markets for more than 50 years, and produces a wide range of products, including reinforcing steel, heavy plate, merchant bars, special steels, special profiles and sections.

For Stomana Industry, we designed, developed and integrated a customized MOM system built on the Entuito Framework. The main goals were to optimize and automate the management of the entire process of manufacturing hot-rolled steel sheets and round profiles – from scrap acceptance, casting and production to shipping.

The main problems that the system solves:

Project: Truck Scale Kiosk Terminal

Zagorka is a leading beer manufacturer in Bulgaria. With a 118-year history dating back to 1902, Zagorka became part of the HEINEKEN family in 1994. Since then they  have invested over 130 000 000 EUR in the modernization and expansion of their production. 

For Zagorka we have planned, developed and integrated Truck Scale system in working in kiosk terminal mode.

The main goal of the system is to manage the flow of goods at the entrance of the manufacturing plant. Every supply truck goes through a measurement process using an electrical scale. The driver initiates the process through scanning a RFID card and enters the corresponding data using a touch screen terminal. The system then creates a series of photos using video cameras and registers the measurements and prints a series of documents. 

The system we implemented helped cut down costs and improved overall performance and the controlling process.

Project: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and
Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)
built on Entuito

Magmapack is a leading European producer of printed promotional and retail paper bags and packages.

For Magmapack the Entuito team has planned, developed and integrated a custom ERP and MOM system, which encompasses a big portion of both production and business operations. The process begins with entering a client order in the system, the optimizes, plans and distributes tasks to the different machines used in the production cycle. Based on the data returned the system signals and re-plans the tasks and orders that have no been completed. For the completed production the system generates printed labels and prepares logistical documents (invoice, order confirmation, packing list). Thanks to the diverse number of reports generated the management team can follow through on availability of goods, cost of production and the capacity of the production lines.

All of this raised both their production and business cycles to another level and helped position the company as a market leader.

Project: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)
built on Entuito

Poligroup is a leading manufacturer of polyethylene films and packaging in Bulgaria. Their products are used in the agriculture, trade, construction and various other industries.

For them, we have designed, developed and integrated a customized MOM and ERP system, which covers all production processes, machine maintenance, supplies, ordering and shipping.

The process begins with client orders entering in the system. The orders are then grouped and optimized based on preset parameters. As next step the orders are distributed to the production terminals, where the employees initiate the manufacturing process based on the data they see on the touchscreen terminal. 

The system is monitoring the order and production process and provides insights on the order stage, status and is replanning where needed. For the completed orders the system is generating the related documents: invoices, order confirmations and packing lists. 

 A great value for the company management is the detailed reporting. Through a rich set of reports, the management team can keep track of the current availability, production costs, occupied capacity and the cost of machine maintenance.

Project: Entuito Dosing System

Pantaley Toshev is the largest producer in Bulgaria specialized in the development and production of ingredients for beverages and food – flavors, emulsions, etc. 

We designed, developed and integrated Entuito Dosing System that covers the process of manually and automatically dosing each product and its ingredients.

The process begins by loading the recipe for the product, which displays the raw materials and their dosage amounts. The operator performs manual measurements of the metered quantities using an electronic scale. Automatic measurements are made through valves that are controlled by a PLC controller using MODBUS communication and an electronic scale. 

The Entuito Dosing System allows detailed information to be generated at any time for the composition of each product. 

Some of the benefits observers after Entuito Dosing System was integrated:

Project: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and
Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)
built on Entuito

Family owned and operated meat-processing plant manufacturing a variety of products. The production capacity is 5 tons monthly. 

For this client we have planned, developed and integrated a custom ERP and MOM system, which encompasses a big portion of both production and business operations. 

The main goal of the system integrated is to improve the controlling process and the tracking of goods through their cycle: buying, supply, refining, production and the sales endpoint. Through an easy to manage user interface the operator can track different batches, break them down and also visualize the current warehouse items and availability and the movement of goods. Generating detailed reports on every step. 


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