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Andrey Andreev

Founder & architect

The IT Architect behind Entuito, he has his been developing the Entuito Platform for more than
10 years now.

Apart from devoting time to my amazing family I like to go diving, snowboarding, wind surfing and playing badminton.

My experience in the IT world begins in the school years when I was tinkering with different operating systems (Linux, OS/2 Warp и Windows), installing and assembling personal computers. My real work begins in the year 2000 with developing 3D menu using a Java applet for the company Informationstechnik Zentrum Koeln. During my studies at the Warsaw Technical University I was developing projects using Java and C, at the time I grew very fond of Linux Debian. I continued to actively develop using PL/SQL and C++ during 2001 for a company called Scott Tiger. There I extended my understanding of developing and managing projects under Linux. 

I started my company XSoft in 2008 as an outsourcing development studio (X being a wink to Linux fans). Later we started partnering with the biggest e-scales manufacturer in Bulgaria. They were the first client we developed an ERP system for. What we created was managing both production and business processes as well as smaller systems for scales management. 

Those projects opened our eyes for the need of having a framework and assuming the reusable code approach towards the development process. This is how Entuito was born. During the next 10 years I took active part of the planning and development of the modules that are now composing the Entuito framework.

Vasil Ivanov


Building and managing systems based on Entuito and Android apps. Working on the Reporter module and the AndroidClient

In my spare time I like doing mountain biking – downhill, drifting and gaming. 

My experience in the IT world started in 2013, as a Junior Java Developer in PLDA. At the time I was also studying Computer Science in UniBIT Sofia. That is where I started developing expertise in building applications in Java, working with hardware FPGA and ASIC boards for developing Semiconductor Intellectual Property (SIP) and working in Linux environment. 

I started In Xsoft back in 2015 as my initial contact with them was through a course that Andrey and Krasi were teaching on Java, GIT, SQL and Dolphin (the previous name for the Entuito Framework). The course showed me new horizons and after going through it I started working for Xsoft. Xsoft gave me a dynamic environment that keeps me interested and learning new things. 

We have been working on developing and integrating Entuito based solutions for a variety of Bulgarian and International brands. I keep learning and growing and I can say that thanks to Entuito we can build, manage and support a plethora of products with great ease. We keep expanding both Entuito and our knowledge through every project we build on it. 

At the moment I spend the bigger portion of my time in planning managing and developing MOM, MES and ERP systems based on the Entuito framework. Also working on Android applications. I am also doing pre-development research and requirements gathering and technical specifications for the projects we work on. 

In Entuito I am responsible for the development of the Reporter and AndroidClient modules.

Dimitar Dinev


From Datasources to Industrial controllers. Working on the Eclipse-Entuito Desginer and the
automation testing – Entuito Robo

In my free time I like developing and playing computer games, I am a car and motorbike DIY and innovation enthusiast.

I started my development career using Pascal and Delphi back in the days. After that I went on to study C++ and then LUA. They opened the world of computer gaming and the servers behind that which is a hobby of mine till this day. Towards the end of my highschool years I stumbled upon the Java programming language and I saw that one can actually build everything in one programming language (desktop applications, web applications, android apps). At that point I decided to pursue Java as a professional career. 

My professional experience started back in 2014 working for Xsoft and it went through different phases. 

I worked on developing and managing the data sources aspect of the Entuito framework. So far I have worked on connecting different types of devices like PLC controllers using MODBUS and OPC, industrial scales, barcode readers, cash registers, RFID readers, etc. 

I have been developing and maintaining the plugin for Eclipse – Entuito Designer and the automation tester module – Entuito Robo. 

I have been developing and maintaining MOM, MES and ERP systems based on the Entuito framework. 

At the same time I have kept studying at the Technical university in Sofia – Automation and Information Technology.

Krasimir Stoev


Has been with Entuito since the very beginning. He is now focused on consultancy and training.

I started programming in highschool and as a passionate gamer I`ve always wanted to be involved in computer science. 

My career as a software developer started in XSoft and for the years we`ve been together I transitioned from backend developer to project manager and solutions architect for Entuito. I`ve been involved in backend development with Java and PHP as well as frontend development with JavaScript and ReactJS and mobile development for Android. 

For the past 5 years I`ve dedicated my time for consultancy and teaching as well as mentoring new developers and startup companies and managing startup projects.

Vladimir Hristov


10 years experience in the digital marketing world. Entrepreneur and practioner. Mentor for multiple startup organizations.

Vladimir is the latest addition to the amazing Entuito team. 

He joined us in 2019 and his purpose is to spread the word about Entuito and help us nurture the community that we are building. He is a visionary and in love with what we have and where we want to take it. 

He is an experienced marketer and serial entrepreneur on a mission to bring Entuito to its deserved glory! You will hear from him in our videos and on our social channels. Stay tuned.

Entuito – Progressive Web Apps Framework built with Java. Entuito is Open Source. Speak to us if you need more information or if you have any questions.

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