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Use your JAVA skills, no need to learn new languages or use external technology. 

The History of Entuito

In the beginning we were looking for an easy to use framework, that could sort out all our needs and requirements. We couldn’t find anything that was delivering an all fronts so we started building our own. The goal was to build a simple but effective framework that we can use to deliver fast turnaround complex projects to our clients. 11 years later we have Entuito, a complete framework for building progressive web apps on Java.

Entuito started as an internal project back in 2008 using a code name Dolphin. XSoft was at the time dealing with a client (Bimco – the largest manufacturer of electronic scales in Bulgaria) 

We had to chose a platform to build on and the technology that will be used. We faced many limitations with everything that was available at the time so we decided to build something that we own and we know we can trust. 

The goal was to have an effective solution with complex capabilities, yet simple to use and work with. We wanted something that will allow us to built stable, optimized web solutions that at the same time are easy to scale. 


One technology that unites all levels of building a system:

Below you can find an outline of features that we have currently as a integral part of our Entuito framework


The Entuito module allows for the use of a great variety of data sources through the use of one Java interface, which speeds up the back-end development process tremendously.

Currently the main aspects are:

Entuito Designer

Entuito Designer is a plugin for Eclipse. It helps in the creation of the UI (no need for CSS knowledge) and allows for easy synchronization between the database structure and the defined classes.

Main features are:

Role-based access control (RBAC)

Entuito RBAC is a module that can control the access of users to different parts of a system (automatic filtering of data that is displayed in front of them based on the user's role).

Work with unlimited number of rights and roles. Real-time monitoring and management of roles, users and sessions.

Easily assign rights to modules, classes, attributes and objects.

Entuito Robo

Entuito Robo is a tool for automating user interface testing and ensuring regressions get caught) on time.

The execution of the scripts tests both the user interface and the business logic (backend part).

No need to install anything external. Make sure that your final product is working flawlessly from day one.

Entuito System Monitor

Integrated application that can monitor and manage system resources.

Key features:

Integrated Web Server

Entuito comes with built in web server. (Jetty)
There is no need to configure or install any containers or anything externally.

This does not require additional installation and configuration of the Java Servlet Container to run the web application.

Each system implemented on Entuito is initiated as a standard java application. Easy and Fast

Entuito Reporter

Generate documents in different file formats: (pdf, xls, xlsx, zpl, epl, tspl).

Documents in Entuito can be labeled and tagged the same way as the UI interface. This speeds up development time and allows to integrate new document types very easily through the simple implementation of one abstract class.

Entuito Remote Objects

Real time connection between systems built on Entuito.

The unique aspect is that the same API that is used for the business objects is used for the connection between the Entuito based systems and apps. This makes integration a breeze.

We use json through web sockets with SSL encryption.

Android Client

A library for connecting to Android devices through web sockets and SSL encrypted connection.

The API allows working with objects in real time with changes being reflected immediately.

Constant Development

We are constantly adding new features to Entuito. Every project that we build on it enhances it in a way and adds new perspectives into what is possible.

It has been growing for 10+ years and is now a very stable framework that allows for scalable systems to emerge out of it.

Speak to us if you have any questions or you need more information.

The Future

We will keep improving the Entuito framework and its capabilities. We have done a lot of work over the years and we plan to further develop the following initiatives as our next steps: 

If you have any questions do not to hesitate and contact us. 

We can help you plan, develop and integrate your next project or act a consultant in the process. 


Entuito – Progressive Web Apps Framework built with Java. Entuito is Open Source. Speak to us if you need more information or if you have any questions.

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