Ten Plus Years into the Making

Entuito is a very mature framework, with a team you can count on. 

Consultancy & Outsourcing


We are creating business systems since 2008 for companies from the energy sector, refining, construction, furniture manufacturers, food processing plants and food production, chemicals, print na logistics. We have a wide understanding of business processes and business needs and the capabilities to deliver technological solutions that solve real life problems and bring lasting results.

Our main goal is to create intuitive, stable systems and solutions that encompass the business needs and the requirements of our clients. 

Our framework is a huge advantage to you, the business owner as it allows us to capitalize on over 10 years of development and deliver one system without the need to integrate between multiple products. This removes the risk of failure and the huge delays that businesses are experiencing when they try to improve their IT infrastructure and implement technology that should optimize their business processes.

We can transform any and every business process in a complete software system. 

The type of services we can offer:



The digital transformation is the way forward and it will make or break business in this new decade!  We can turn your next idea into a reality. Speak to us today! Improve and optimize your business. 



Entuito – Progressive Web Apps Framework built with Java. Entuito is Open Source. Speak to us if you need more information or if you have any questions.

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