Ten plus Years in the making

Open Source Progressive Web Apps with Java

We have been building Entuito to solve our own needs and problems in the development process over the years. Entuito is practical, open-source and aiming to solve real challenges that all developers are facing. Speed up your delivery times. Give it a try or speak to us to get things going!

The Sky's The Limit

Easy to Use UI Builder

Use multiple datasources, bind business logic and objects. Use variety of databases and file formats. We got you covered.

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Use multiple datasources and bind your business logic and objects the way you want

UI Builder

No need for CSS knowledge. Easy to use. Speed up your delivery times


No need for multiple platforms and tools. Build everything you need with Entuito

Fast Start

Databases, objects, controllers, file formats. Entuito is very flexible! Give us a shout


Reusable modules and interoperability between apps built on Entuito


Entuito is 10 plus years in the making. If you need help just speak to us

Andrey Andreev

Founder & architect

The IT Architect behind Entuito, he has his been developing the Entuito Platform for more than 10 years now. 

Vasil Ivanov

LEAD FULL stack developer

Building and managing systems based on Entuito and Android apps. Working on the Reporter module and the AndroidClien

Dimitar Dinev

full stack developer

From Datasources to Industrial controllers. Working on the Eclipse-Entuito Desginer, automation testing – Entuito Robo

Krasimir Stoev

consultant and training

Has been with Entuito since the very beginning. He is now focused on consultancy and training.

Evgeni Yordanov

Full stack and support

Actively developing and supporting systems built on the Entuito Platform. He keeps things going.

Vladimir Hristov


10 years experience in the digital marketing world. Entrepreneur and practioner. Mentor for multiple startup organizations.

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Last 10 years we have been building Entuito while developing complex
systems and solutions for our clients. Here are some of them

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